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Survival Tips for Teens Workshop Series

Hello! I am a big fan of teaching life skills along with math and science in our schools, but unfortunately, with all the funding cuts, we’re not likely to see a whole lot of focus on things like healthy relationships and good communication skills anytime soon. However, there are other ways to reach our youth […] more

Parenting and Attachment

Hello! I think we all wonder, as parents, if we’re making the right decisions about things concerning our kids.  It has to be the most important position we will ever hold, especially with all the research pointing to how critical the first 5-6 years of life are. Yet, many of us are surprisingly unequipped with […] more

Trying Your Best

This is a phrase I frequently hear being said by parents, teachers, and coaches. Something along the lines of,  “It’s okay that you lost the game, as long as you tried your best”  Or, ” I’m okay that Evan didn’t get an A on the test as long as he tried his best.” Or, “It’s okay that Susie […] more

Teen Body Image

Body image refers to the way you feel about your physical appearance.  It is what you see when you look in the mirror.  For a lot a people, and most teens, body image is closely linked with self-esteem. Self-esteem is all about how you value yourself as a person – how worthwhile you feel.  In […] more

Dealing with Drama

Any teenager can tell you – you don’t have to be up on stage to be involved in school drama. What most teens can’t tell you is that most of that kind of drama has more to do with poor communication then with great acting skills. Consider the following scenario: Rachel is mad at Jennifer […] more

Saving Our Daughters

For me, the line has been drawn. Thirty seconds of Kanye Wests’ new music video has bolstered my determination to speak out in support of youth, and I say we really need to advocate for our daughters.  In thirty seconds of video we see Kanye sexually engaged with two drugged or dead women; various images […] more